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All families are our mission.

Whether you are a parent-to-be or driving a full minivan, the Law Office of Amira Hasenbush is here to help you and your family.  We provide legal assistance for assisted reproduction, adoption, co-parenting agreements, parentage orders, and guardianships.  We also serve clients seeking name or gender changes.  We welcome all families in all of the diverse ways that they come together.

They say "it takes a village to raise a child."  We hope to be part of your village to make sure that your family is legally recognized and protected.   

We are based in Los Angeles and offer legal services throughout all of California.


Areas of Practice


Whether you are a surrogate or an intended parent, we help you navigate the legal process from start to finish.  

Second Parent, StepParent & Confirmatory Adoptions

We help explain your options to protect your legal parentage rights and help you figure out your best path forward.  

Sperm & Egg Donor Agreements

We represent both donors and intended parents, ensuring that parental rights and responsibilities are properly allocated.  

Parentage Orders & guardianships

For unmarried parents, co-parents, grandparents and guardians, we will help ensure that your rights are protected, regardless of what may happen in the future.  

Name & Gender Changes

We provide efficient and understanding services to help you make sure that your identity is legally affirmed.  

Private Adoption

We work with matched adoptive parents and birth parents to ensure a smooth transition to new families.  


It takes a village to raise a child
— African Proverb


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